Francisco Lemos
de Almeida


About Francisco

Since September 2021, he has been a member of the SP&M Advogados.

Law degree (Lusíada University Faculty of Law – Porto, 2021).
Master’s Degree Program in Legal and Criminal Sciences (University of Minho School of Law, 2021).
Auditor at the IV Postgraduate Course in Law Enforcement, Compliance and Corporate Responsibility (CIDP – Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon, 2022).

Auhor of “Corruption: a discussion of the offence of passive corruption itself – its consummation and effects” (Journal of Public Prosecutions, Nº 171, 2022); of “Constitutional Court ruling 268/2022: on a self-fulfilling prophecy?” (ULP Law Review nºs 1 and 2, 2023) and “A <<before>> and an <<after>> of the Marburg Programme” (Scientia Ivridica – nº 359, 2023).